Counselling for Depression

Counselling for Depression in Leeds & Wetherby

I can provide you with the knowledge and tools to manage negative thoughts, which will help you overcome symptoms such as hopelessness and a lack of interest in people and the things around you that you previously liked.

Depression Counselling

Depression has nothing to do with how emotionally strong you are, it is after all, a condition that generally slowly and progressively alters you personally and develops until you are unable to cope with the things around you and how you interact with family and friends.

Some people are functioning depressives in that they can block out their personal feeling in a work environment, yet still struggle once they are in their own setting.

Unfortunately, this can only increase the level of isolation and feelings of self-worth because they are supressing the symptoms and effectively hiding from the reality of then situation.

By working with me, we can explore the correct pathway to find strategies that help you cope and find the happiness you desire.  

Call Adrienne

If you are struggling with the challenge of depression and feel Adrienne may be able to help, please make contact to arrange a free 10 minute discovery call.

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