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Relationship Counselling Leeds & Wetherby

I have a great deal of experience in relationship and couples counselling. My range of experience covers, Couples, heterosexual, same sex, parents & siblings.

Through my experience I can offer support to each client and work through the issues in a joint session or separately. Sometimes each party are looking for different things from the session and each person may need to move at different speeds to find the solution they require.

Couple in relationship counselling session

It is not always possible to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties. Relationships are all different and the needs of each person can be diametrically opposite to the other person’s. But what I can offer is the opportunity for both parties to speak in a safe environment where their feelings are heard. 

I believe that communication through counselling helps each party develop skills that enable them to actively listen and move towards acceptance.

There are no right and wrong reasons why relationships fail or struggle, but helping to build stronger foundations of understanding and better communication should enable each person to find their own solutions to the problems they face.


Whilst it is always my aim to reconcile each party within a relationship. Sometimes, unfortunately, the outcome may not end as one party had hoped. But I feel that understanding the reasons will enable each party to accept the outcome.

Sometime people simply change and have a different outlook. This can be after illness, health, violence, work / lifestyle or sexuality. We are all on a path and sometimes the paths change direction. My role is trying to see if each party want their paths to rejoin.

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