What to Expect

What to Expect from Counselling Sessions with Adrienne

Making the decision to undertaking counselling is often the biggest step for most, as they have often tried to hide from the fact that they need help. But once the decision has been made, it can have transformative effects on peoples lives.

Our first session is an assessment to discuss your history and behaviours in a non-judgemental environment that’s safe and empathic.

Once the assessment has been undertaken, my role is to clarify the presenting problem or situation, identifying and setting your counselling or treatment goals.

I will be able to tailor sessions to design and implement interventions, such as developing strategies to help you cope.

I usually suggest a minimum course of 6 x 50-minute sessions or 6 x sessions of up to maximum 90 minutes for relationship and couple therapy. Therapy can be time limited or open ended.

By understanding your personality and needs, I can tailor “homework”, to help you to learn to stop a cycle of negativity, etc. This could be doing activities outside your sessions that might include worksheets or keeping a diary.

It’s common to feel a range of emotions after a session, for example, you might come out of an appointment feeling relieved, exhausted, energised, upset, or overwhelmed. The main thing is that you feel empowered to move forward.


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