Stop criticising yourself

Picture of Adrienne Crew

Adrienne Crew

Adrienne is Qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist based in Wetherby and Leeds

If you criticise yourself and become your own bully, then you might suffer from depression and anxiety. We have feelings and make judgements about ourselves; there can be things we like or dislike; we have relationships with ourselves that can be healing or unhelpful and at times even abusive.

We live in a world that is very judgemental. People feel under pressure to avoid being judged as inferior. Although it can be very difficult to avoid making social comparisons, think of your life as your own journey, with its own unique ups and downs and challenges.

If you feel depressed, avoid labelling yourself as inadequate because you think others don’t get depressed. Sadly, many people do get depressed and anxious. All humans are fallible; we make mistakes, mess things up and behave selfishly.

The next time you start to criticise yourself, ask ‘would I treat my friend like this?’ These unhelpful thoughts must pass the “compassionate friend” test. Start today!

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